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“It’s Thanksgiving”: Worst Holiday Ever

It was roughly a year and a half ago when I ruined your day and most of my credibility as a human when I first dropped the Rebecca Black Bomb on Nerdist. And now, right before what used to be my favorite holiday (the closest Jews actually get to Christmas because Hannukah totally sucks), I bear the horrible, horrible responsibility of posting this fucking awful Thanksgiving song that you are 100-percent going to hate. I thought about posting it earlier this week, but I let it simmer in my sub-conscience long enough for me to use words, because most of my initial reactions were loud guttural noises and crying. I would apologize, but that’s not going to bring back the three minutes and thirty eight seconds of your life.

The scariest thing about “It’s Thanksgiving” is its mashup potential with “Friday.” When it comes out, it will be called “Black Friday” and the Rebecca Black/Nicole Westbrook collaboration will technically qualify as cyber-warfare. I understand they are children. I do. Treatises will (maybe) be written in their defense. But let it be known that I stand on the sane side of history and that this aggression will not stand, man.

Final Warning: one of the nicer YouTube comments is “There is No God.” Happy Holidays!