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It’s Drake vs. Lil Wayne in a STREET FIGHTER-inspired Tour App

It’s Drake vs. Lil Wayne in a STREET FIGHTER-inspired Tour App

When Drake and Lil Wayne have rap battles each night during their upcoming tour, Capcom wants you to be able to power them up the way you would a character in a fighting game. The Street Fighter developer has teamed with the performers to develop the DvLW app, available now on iOS and Android devices. The tour kicks off August 8 at the Darien Center in New York.


According to Billboard, when the rap battle kicks off each evening, players would open up the app and begin “button mashing” (touch devices don’t have buttons) in order to impact each rappers’ performance in real time. Does that mean we’d see Weezy getting back-lit and glowing like he was powered up and ready for an Ultra combo? Capcom, Drake, and Lil Wayne’s camps are all silent on what, precisely any of this means, but whatever you do, don’t only stare at the app screen while a live concert is going on.

Echo Park-based iam8bit developed the app for Capcom, so this is pretty high-profile feather in their caps, and we are excited to see them do a lot more work like this down the line.

Hip hop and fighting games go hand-in-hand more often than you think: it was only a couple of years ago that Snoop Dogg was getting his own stage in Tekken Tag Tournament 2 and if someone doesn’t resurrect the Def Jam four-player fighting games on the current generation, then both the rap game and video games are just leaving money on the table.

The app isn’t the only alternate way of interacting with the tour: VIP package buyers will also receive a haul that not only includes tour swag (a beach towel, hat, and tote bag), but a set of Drake vs. Lil Wayne trading cards as well.

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