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It’s Bat vs. Croc in This BATMAN: EARTH ONE VOL. 2 Preview

It’s Bat vs. Croc in This BATMAN: EARTH ONE VOL. 2 Preview

The second volume of Batman: Earth One might be a little ways off (DC is targeting a release sometime next year), you can still see what Geoff Johns and Gary Frank’s Batman will be up to in his next round of early adventures.

The four-page preview offers up a sewer brawl between villain Killer Croc and the Batman, whose costume seems to have gotten some minor tweaks since the first volume (notably the no-longer-round Bat-insignia). Of course, the Batman will get out of this, but given that the Earth One take on the character has been set up to be more vulnerable and fallible, the question is how much punishment Frank and Johns plan to put him through before our hero comes out on top.

The first volume of Batman: Earth One followed Superman: Earth One in (re)telling the origin of Batman in a grittier, more grounded take. That 2012 graphic novel (it was, in fact, a single-volume, standalone story) spent a lot of time with Bruce Wayne the child following the murders of his parents. Here, the Penguin is now simply Oswald Cobblepot, the long-standing Mayor of Gotham (who has a connection to the Waynes’ death), Harvey Bullock is a fame-seeking L.A. cop out to solve the mystery of Gotham’s most prominent couple, and Alfred has a prosthetic leg.

No word on what changes are in store for the Earth One version of the DCU in Vol. 2 – DC hasn’t yet released a solicitation for the book, which is (as you can see below) still in production.

Batman: Earth One Vol. 2 will be available in 2015.