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It’s All Action in the Latest SONS OF ANARCHY Trailer

It’s All Action in the Latest SONS OF ANARCHY Trailer

Every television season there are always a couple shows pre-destined to break our hearts with a gut wrenching series finale. This year, one of those shows is bound to be Sons of Anarchy. After seven glorious years of watching the outlaw life slowly dismantle the SAMCRO crew, everything will come to an end in what will hopefully be a bloody massacre of epic proportions.

Recently, we showed you the first trailer for the final season, and Nerdist Editor-in-Chief Brian Walton spoke with the cast and crew at Comic-Con, but now FX has released a brand new, action packed trailer that’s really amping up our excitement to 12. 11 just isn’t good enough anymore:

Since the beginning, one of the dominant arcs that has guided Sons of Anarchy is the one that saw Jax go from a young man who believes in doing the right thing to a man that will do anything to protect his own, no matter the cost. If what this trailer promises is real, then it seems the dangerous Jax will be out in full force this season, which isn’t surprising given, well, you know… carving fork…

There’s little doubt in our minds that Sons of Anarchy is going to deliver in every way for its final season. While it may not get recognized in the same way, Sons of Anarchy has consistently delivered like Breaking Bad has, and watching everything come to an end will surely be a cultural event to behold.

What do you think of the latest final season trailer? Let us know in the comments below.