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It Has Landed! “The Day of the Doctor” Trailer is Here

It Has Landed! “The Day of the Doctor” Trailer is Here

It’s a thing we’ve been longing for since, oh, ten minutes before we knew it was happening. Here we at last have the trailer for the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary special, “The Day of the Doctor.” It’s only 41 seconds long, but they sure do cram a lot into it. We see Smith, we see Tennant, we see Coleman and Hurt, and even catch our first glimpse of Billie Piper (who seems to be in her Series 1 looks… maybe when she was one with Time Vortex?). Time War stuff, too! There’s Zygons, and Dalek ships, and a weird jewel in a thing. Boy, looks great.

What do you think? How many times are you going to watch it? How many times have you already watched it? Jolly great stuff.


  1. Ray Adamson says:

    YOWZA!!! That looks epic enough to potentially destroy some cinemas.What could go wrong?I’m bringing cake and jelly babies,i think.Alonsy and Geronimo forever.

  2. J-Rod says:

    BBC1 version. Not the best quality as recorded from the TV but….

  3. J-Rod says:

    The trailer on BBC1 just now (8pm GMT) was much longer and had everything in this one and much more. Time to go search for that one.