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Is Yahoo! Going To Revive ENLISTED?

Is Yahoo! Going To Revive ENLISTED?

When it comes to freshman comedy offerings from last season, it’s hard to argue that Fox didn’t have some of the top programs with the likes of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Enlisted and Surviving Jack. Sadly, however, only Brooklyn Nine-Nine survived the renewal slate after landing itself a Golden Globe for best comedy. For months since, things have been bleak for Enlisted and Surviving Jack. And while that remains true for the latter, it seems things may be turning around for the military-based sitcom.

Thing got interesting following the shocking revival of Community by Yahoo! Screen. Once that happened, many began wondering what other shows the new digital player could revive, and immediately, Enlisted fans began an aggressive campaign to make Yahoo! aware of their passion for the series. Today, it seems the campaign worked because, according to a report from Deadline, preliminary talks are now underway between the network and producing studio 20th Century Fox TV for a second season.

As the talks are only preliminary, we should caution that it could lead to nothing (many will recall Netflix went through a series of “preliminary” talks for series like Jericho, Terra Nova and The River that never ended up turning into anything real), but it is a good sign that talks are happening at all. It means the beloved series might not be as dead as everyone though, and that’s great because it’s a fantastic series you all need to be checking out.

Would you like to see another season of Enlisted? What other series deserves another shot in the digital realm? Let us know in the comments below.