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Is Samuel L. Jackson Poised For A Return To DIE HARD?

Is Samuel L. Jackson Poised For A Return To DIE HARD?

Oh, Die Hard, you know we love you, no matter how absurd you get. It doesn’t matter if John McClane is taking down terrorists in a high rise or Russia, more McClane is always a good thing, but even the world’s toughest NYPD officer needs some back-up from time to time, and that’s where today’s news on the currently-in-development sixth film comes into play. Since the last entry, A Good Day To Die Hard, managed to score a very respectable $300 million at the box-office (despite have a February release), Fox is working double time to get the sixth one into theaters, and current rumors say they may be looking to the past to draw in audiences.

The following was tweeted by Latino-Review’s Elmayimbe earlier today:

This comes as no surprise, especially after Jackson killed it in Captain America: The Winter Soldier. It would make sense for Fox to want to capitalize on the man’s success by bringing him back into the fold of their top action franchise. There’s currently no confirmation Jackson has even worked out a deal to be in the film, but this is certainly a start.

What do you want to see Zeus Carver do in the new Die Hard film?


  1. Garch Koity says:

    Now that McTiernan is out of jail, I vote for him to direct that amazing match up, if it happens.