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Is Neill Blomkamp Directing Microsoft’s HALO Pilot?

Is Neill Blomkamp Directing Microsoft’s HALO Pilot?

When it comes to live-action adaptations, few properties have been through as much of a development hell as Microsoft’s hit video game series, Halo. In 2007, a film set to be directed by then-freshman filmmaker Neill Blomkamp was scrapped thanks to various pitfalls in the studio development process, never to be heard from again. But, possibly thanks to fan demand, a resurrection may be about to occur for Blomkamp’s vision of the Halo universe from an unexpected place: television.

According to an unconfirmed report by the folks at, Blomkamp has been tapped to direct the pilot of the recently announced Halo series for Microsoft’s Xbox platform. The series, executive produced by Steven Spielberg (who was one of the names originally cited as a contender to direct the scrapped film), has been kept under wraps since its announcement last year at a Microsoft event unveiling the Xbox One. The episode order, budget, cast and plans for distribution outside of Xbox users remains unknown (though it’s rumored the series will not be exclusive to Xbox One).

The news makes sense. Blomkamp’s been highly outspoken in the past about his disappointment in losing the Halo project (though it did give him the juice to make the excellent District 9, and who doesn’t love that movie?). It would be logical to assume he would, at the very least, be approached to contribute his vision to what a Halo series could be. While the news remains without official word from Microsoft or Dreamworks Television, the fan response might turn it into a self-fulfilling prophecy. Watching either of Blomkamp’s films – yes, even Elysium has its moments – makes one believe he could kill it in the world of Halo. And if the powers of Master Chief shine down upon the sci-fi kingdom of Dreamworks, fans might just get to see that which they thought was lost forever.

And if you want, check out the proof of concept shorts Microsoft commissioned to find out if Blomkamp was the right man for the job:


  1. poy says:

    He’s been quoted saying he would never touch that movie again unless they gave him a ridiculous sum of money and absolute control to do anything he wanted. They might give him 1 of those 2 things, not both.