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“Iron Man 3” Extended Super Bowl Spot

Last week, we shared the teaser to the Super Bowl ad for Iron Man 3, in theaters May 3rd. It was very short. Then, the promised Super Bowl ad aired and was longer, but still pretty short. At the end of its running time, the ad teased an “extended look” at the movie on their Facebook page. The above is that.

The makers of the movie are playing things very close to the chest, as the bit that was shown in the TV ad was basically the only thing we hadn’t seen in the initial trailer. Plus, of course, that really good joke about the “extended look.” It just goes to show how much we chomp at the bit for any glimpses of new footage from the film. We got teased about an ad about a website about a movie. It’s like we’re Sting and they’re whoever he’s singing about in “Wrapped Around Your Finger.” Are we still excited about the movie? Of course we are; it’s more Iron Man! But, we sure did get played. Well done, marketers.



  1. iron man 3 says:

    Nice spot. I can’t wait for movie…