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“Iron Man 3” Clip from the MTV Movie Awards

Iron Man 3 gridOn last night’s broadcast of the MTV Movie Awards, an exclusive clip of Iron Man 3 debuted, depicting Tony Stark attempting not to die from being shot at a billion times by assault helicopters as they demolish his seaside hilltop estate. He’s only got a prototype suit, so not everything works perfectly; luckily, Tony’s good at improvising. PIANO!

Iron Man 3 hits cinemas here in the US on May 3rd. Those lucky Brits get it a week early. They get big huge movies before us now because of piracy. Pretty smart, actually.



  1. Alex says:

    You say we get the big movies early, but it’s only the Marvel ones, we still have to wait for four months to get anything else disney has a hand in (which is most things, like The Muppets or Wreck-It Ralph) I’m not complaining, I’m glad I got to see the Avenger and will be glad I get to see this before the internet can get spoilers out there but it just doesn’t feel like equivalent exchange.