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iPhone 4 Reception Troubles

I always get accused of rampant Apple fandom. Apparently, I’m not allowed to like their products without being just a sycophantic douche out to cup Steve Jobs’ balls.

I do love a lot of things about the iPhone 4 (which arrived at my house this morning in a neat little box): the screen resolution, the cameras, and the design itself is a work of art (I really loved the clean look of the 1st gen iPhone and was always kind of disappointed with the look of the 3G/3GS–this returns to the former). Now, we’ve all griped ad nauseum about AT&T’s poor service but how can I blame Absolutely Terrible Telecom when my new iPhone gets markedly worse reception than my previous one did this morning?

The above video shows how your very touch can seemingly affect the otherwise clever engineering of wrapping the antenna around the exterior of the device. It seems OBVIOUS to me that grabbing the antenna would affect reception. But I’m an idiot, and not an engineer so I’m sure that’s not usually supposed to be the case. I’m assuming Apple tested this, right? Is everyone standing around in Cupertino right now, pointing at each other going, “Wait…I thought YOU tried it out…”

In any case, my problem doesn’t relate to this. I have “No Service” everywhere in my house where I used to complain about getting only one bar on previous models. And it’s not just displaying “No Service” by mistake–texting or calling instantly fails. Even today, while resting the phone in my car’s cupholder to talk via Bluetooth, I dropped what felt like more calls than normal. Tomorrow I’m going to go out and buy a microcell to try to tackle the house problem (offensive that I have to do so), but I think unless Apple can tweak this with a software update I might be stuck with permanently crappier reception, which is really saying something considering what I was putting up with before. I KNOW I KNOW, “Get the HTC Incredible on Verizon!” But I can’t. My computing is too woven into Apple’s pubes to switch to Android.

Oh well. Sometimes we early adopters get bitten in the face by the venomous fangs of impatience.

Share any probs or praise with your new iPhone in the comments here!

UPDATE – 6/25: Day two with the phone was much better. For whatever reason, reception was GREATLY improved. I can’t explain it. I even got my one bar back in the house. I don’t blame anyone for that, though. I live in a hilly area and everyone gets crappy reception up here.

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  1. Cody Harmon says:

    this is exactly the reason i wait to buy new tech, it has problems when it first comes out that and it ends up less expensive by the time they do fix the problems

  2. Abbi says:

    I think that AT&T should just be wiped from the face of time, and Apple should shrug and move to verizon… So that I can have an Iphone… Because I would never get a plan with AT&T. Ever…