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Invent The Camberwell Carrot He Did: “Star Wars” Meets “Withnail and I” (Again)

I’m as up to here with mashups as anyone, but… Star Wars. Withnail and I. Yoda. Danny the dope dealer. This:

This is one of a series of Star Wars/Withnail mashups Raff Jones posted on YouTube. It started with Darth Vader spouting Uncle Monty’s lines a year ago, and continued with C3PO sounding a lot like Richard E. Grant. You don’t have to have seen “Withnail and I” to get the idea.

And, yes, the guy who played Danny was in The Phantom Menace. So it all makes sense now. Sort of. Not really, but if you love these movies, and you should, it’s funny.

HT: Popbitch