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Invade the GODZILLA London Premiere with Sneaky Zebra

According to four out of five doctors, it’s possible to have too much Godzilla in your life. But what do those four lame-os know anyway? We’re going to party with doctor number five and take a trip across the pond to the London premiere of Godzilla with our pals and Nerdist Alliance partners Sneaky Zebra.

Godzilla Week continues as the dynamically droll duo of Gary Scullion and Nick Acott catch up with everyone from Elizabeth Olsen to Bryan Cranston to producer Thomas Tull to director Gareth Edwards to — you get the picture. They talked to a cavalcade of awesome people. Honestly, you should just stop reading this and watch the video because the Sneaky Zebra guys are much more well-spoken and they have those awesome accents, to boot.

Godzilla stomps into theaters on May 16, 2014.