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Introducing Your Nerdist Laser Tag Laser Swag: The TeeFury T-Shirt for Real Winners

Introducing Your Nerdist Laser Tag Laser Swag: The TeeFury T-Shirt for Real Winners

So, you’ve made your way down to San Diego, cruised the Comic-Con show floor, sauntered over to Petco Park and climbed up to the top floor, queued up to play the first ever Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel-themed Nerdist Laser Tag (in partnership with 2K and Gearbox), and you emerged victorious like the glorious, handsome, golden god of a Vault Hunter that you are, but now what? Well, it’s simple: to the victors go the spoils. Since Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel is a game all about getting the sickest loot humanly possible, we wanted to make sure not to send any of you away empty-handed. The losers — those bums — will leave with a shiny new SHiFT code that they can plug into Borderlands 2 and claim a fantabulous prize.  The winners though — people like you and me — will be leaving with an ultra-exclusive Nerdist Laser Tag t-shirt, designed by those sultans of shirts at TeeFury. BEHOLD!


Awwww yeah, suckerbutts! Look at that! How sweet would that look on your elegant, muscular frame? Pretty freakin’ sweet if I had to wager a guess, which I would because, as I already mentioned, we’re all winners. And just so everyone knows it, check out the back of the shirts.


Of course, only 100 of the shirts will have this logo on the back, so that’s how you’ll know your a real secret ultra MEGA winner and not just a regular winner. Here’s what it looks like on a real human torso!


Want to get one of your very own? It’s simple. This Thursday, July 24th through Saturday, July 26th, head down to Petco Park, right across the street from the convention center, and play a round of Nerdist Laser Tag. We’ll have games going each day from 11AM until 5PM, so you’ll have plenty of chances to walk away with these radical shirts. And, while you’re there, take a moment to refill your lungs at the oxygen bar, bust a move with your best Moon Dance, catch a taping of Nerdist News on our live stage, and strut your stuff in one of TeeFury’s sweet, sweet shirts.

What would you do to win one of these bad boys? Let us know in the comments below.