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Interview with Steven Moffat from Gallifrey One

Before the closing ceremonies of last weekend’s Gallifrey One convention, an interview with Doctor Who showrunner Steven Moffat was screened for the standing-room only crowd. The interview was conducted by Ed Stradling, who has produced documentary features for the DW DVD range since 2003, and gets to the meat of some of the biggest questions looming over the show’s 50th anniversary year: How many specials will there be? Will there be a Christmas special? How long will Matt Smith stay in the role? These are things we want answered. Moffat is, as always, a bit cagey, but generally very amiable and willing to answer as much as is pertinent.

Also announced over the weekend (and not mentioned in the interview) is that, sometime toward the end of the year, “The Tenth Planet,” the fabled story featuring the first appearance of the Cybermen and the very first regeneration, will be released. The serial is in four parts and, as luck would have it, the fourth part is among the unfortunately large number of episodes missing from the BBC’s archive. The regeneration scene itself does actually still exist from being used in clip shows, but the rest is gone. Dan Hall, commissioning editor for the DVD range, confirmed during a panel that the fourth episode of the serial would be animated by the same people who did the recent “Reign of Terror” release, and the whole story will be a two-disc special edition. As for the lack of animation for the two missing episodes of “The Ice Warriors,” Hall stated that there would be an announcement about that sometime later this month on the BBC’s official 50th anniversary Doctor Who website. The entire DVD panel, featuring Hall, Stradling, info text writer Nicholas Pegg, and Restoration Team founding member Steve Roberts can be heard courtesy of Radio Free Skaro.

Stradling also shot and edited a video during the course of the convention that was shown at the closing ceremonies. This is the version with the crowd noise watching it. It’s pretty great and gives you a great idea of what happened. See ya next year, Gally!