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IndieCade Cometh, You Saveth

IndieCade 2012, the International Festival of Independent Games, is upon us once again, which means a gaggle of awesome new games produced by indie programmers for great justice! From October 5th through 7th, Culver City (L.A.-adjacent) will be home to the IndieCade Village, which is a lot like the Olympic Village but way more fun. With gaming gurus like Doom creator John Romero, thatgamecompany’s Jenova Chen, Humble Bundle co-founder John Graham, and many more expected to attend, this is looking like the greatest thing since Team Fortress 2 added hats (read: pretty great).

Want to kick your weekend up a Notch? Well, we’ve got you covered: go to to purchase tickets and enter NERDIST at checkout to receive 15% off your ticket to the festival. Don’t wait to long to press start, because this deal goes Game Over on Friday, October 5th. Just remember who loves you when your brain is melting from all the indie game awesomeness. Now, if you’ll excuse us, I need to get back to programming the Enjoy Your Burrito RPG.