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In Praise of Harry Hanrahan

Late last week, you may have seen this megamix of utterances of the phrase “IT’S SHOWTIME!” from a multitude of cinematic gems from Beetlejuice to Blazing Saddles, and inclusive of what seems like at least half of Eddie Murphy’s CV.  (I’ll also, slightly shamefully, admit to walking into this clip straight-up anticipating some Richard Dawson Running Man action, and cackling at how quickly I got it…):

Because my mostly-useless ability to catalog trivial information occasionally hits a blind spot, it only just recently occurred to me that Pajiba’s Harry Hanrahan is also the man behind “Get Out of There!”…  and Nicolas Cage Losing His Shit…  and Julianne Moore Loves to Cry.  And because he has shown no signs of letting up yet, at this point I think we have to give Harry his due as a legitimate, valuable (not to mention internet-friendly) historian of pop culture. He’s like Ken Burns, but in capsule form. Or maybe chewable tablets.  Red Vines-flavored.

I put it to you, Nerdists… what are some of the actor’s-tic compilations, or deliriously-overused-dialogue edits that you’d like to see Harry tackle next?  Not sure if his inspiration allows for him to take direct requests, but hey… he may stumble upon this link on a Google search one day.  Probably while tracking down a rare early clip (circa 1964) of someone uttering “This party’s over!”