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Image Stabilization, Now With Chicken

It’s almost New Year’s Eve. Nothing much is going on. So why not keep up with the latest in chicken-powered Steadicams?:

Seems to work, although nobody seems to have asked the rooster whether he wanted to have a camera attached to his comb. And there’s chicken defecation at the 3:27 mark — editorial comment?

Here’s a highly scientific comparison of image stabilization using a rooster’s head, a human head, and a handheld camera:

The rooster turns out to be, in most applications, an effective Steadicam substitute.

And here’s a comparison of a chicken and a child as Steadicams:

Sure, it’s a little uncomfortable, animal-treatment-wise. Not sure I approve. But it’s science. And it beats a cat-powered Steadicam any day.


  1. Nexus says:

    Woooord! I’m gonna use it in my next short movie 😉