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If World War 2 Had TITANFALL Titans

If World War 2 Had TITANFALL Titans

World War 2 has been recreated in movies, television shows, novels, and in every which way imaginable. Now, thanks to LEGO enthusiast Kosmas Santosa, he’s reimagined the war using LEGOs and a nice dash of Titanfall.

You’ll see how he’s crafted the Atlas Titan one block at a time in the images below. The level of detail applied to the LEGO machine is quite intricate, so much so that it truly looks as if it’s capable of boosting out of the way of incoming missiles. While it isn’t exactly as bulky as the Atlas, it has the thin look of Titanfall‘s Stryder, and still completely awesome.

The mech is 16 inches tall, and Santosa admits in having to rebuild the body 3 times before being satisfied with the final product. While the Titan is incredible, I appreciate Santosa’s take on the little LEGO pilot and the scenery in which he sets it all. For those of you who haven’t played Titanfall, the buildings aren’t exactly destructible, but with this LEGO set, you can break everything down with a Titan.

Take a look at his recreation below:


What do you think the outcome of World War 2 would have been had Titans been involved? Drop your thoughts on the matter into the comments below.

HT: Entertainment Buddha