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If Tarantino Did GHOSTBUSTERS 3, It’d Be ‘Claymated’ Like This

If Tarantino Did GHOSTBUSTERS 3, It’d Be ‘Claymated’ Like This

Of the biggest items that are constantly in speculation in the film world, the fates of director Quentin Tarantino’s next project and the third installment of the Ghostbusters franchise are always topping the conversation. There has been a whole ordeal as to whether Tarantino would go forward with his latest movie The Hateful Eight after a reported script leak by Gawker. The project has been rumored to have a shoot date in November, but we’ll see how true that is when November rolls around. Ghostbusters III has been in contention for awhile, but due to Bill Murray’s absence from the project, the recent passing of Harold Ramis, director Ivan Reitman stepping down, the announcement that production will get under way in early 2015, again, will be less suspect when it happens.

So far, you might think that Tarantino and Ghostbusters III have almost nothing to do with each other. You would be right except that claymation artist Lee Hardcastle took it upon himself to use his talents to make up a trailer for Ghostbusters III if Quentin Tarantino was at the helm. In Hardcastle’s version of Tarantino’s version of Ghostbusters, proton packs are switched out for baseball bats and guns and, as you might imagine, there’s way more over-the-top violence. In fact, many of Tarantino’s iconic scenes from Pulp FictionKill Bill, and Reservoir Dogs get acted out by the members of your favorite, friendly ghost removing service.

Ghostbusters III has yet to pick a director, though 22 Jump Street‘s Chris Miller and Phil Lord have been reportedly considered for the gig. For now, this version by Hardcastle is pretty awesome.

What other director version of Ghostbusters III would you want to see? Let us know in the comments below.

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