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If Recent Horror Movies Had VHS Covers

If Recent Horror Movies Had VHS Covers

Nostalgia has become a big part of fandom. Vinyl is making a big comeback in fan collections and in the horror community I’ve even seen a resurgence in owning favorite movies on VHS. While I understand labels like Death Waltz and Waxwork Records restoring and releasing scores and soundtracks on vinyl because the improvement in quality for music nerds is so significant, when it comes to Blu-ray vs. VHS technology, I don’t think there’s really any comparison. Still, the appreciation for recapturing moments from times long past is an experience that a lot of horror fans are looking for (who didn’t love the nostalgic key art for Ti West’s The Innkeepers?) and today we’re sharing a really fun find for genre nerds everywhere.

Recently posted on Dreadit, the horror Reddit, is a link to eleven VHS-style covers for modern horror titles. Artist Chris MacGibbon put a video store spin on recent favorites like The Descent, Paranormal Activity, The Strangers and others. MacGibbon has paid major attention to detail including price tags (if ONLY it cost $4.99 to buy a movie) and genre stickers carefully marking titles as “horror” so that there is no restocking confusion. We wouldn’t want Exit Humanity to end up in the family section, now would we?

Take a look at the gallery to see other imagined boxes for titles like The Collector, Sam Raimi’s Drag Me To Hell and Sinister. Which titles would you like to see given the VHS key art treatment? My vote is for Eli Roth’s Cabin Fever or Alexandre Aja’s The Hills Have Eyes. Tell us your favorites in the comments section!


  1. Jeremy says:

    Sounds like some kinda hipster thing…I mean what’s the advantage or DVD or BR.  I mean, having to rewind and fast forward and the quality of the video is worse.  Doesn’t make much sense to me.

  2. RoadRacer says:

    These are so fantastic, I want to print them, get some old VHS cases (probably have dozens in storage) and store my DVD/BD copies in ‘em (even if they take up 3X the space 😀 )