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If Leonardo da Vinci Designed Tony Stark’s Iron Man Suit, It Would Look Like This

If Leonardo da Vinci Designed Tony Stark’s Iron Man Suit, It Would Look Like This

The internet’s an interesting place. It’s home to fans, musicians, comics, gamers, makers, writers, hackers, artists and everything in between. Whether you want to observe someone’s work or put your work on display for others to observe, the internet is here to help. Today, we have for you a category of the latter because some genius comic book artist by the name of Axel Medellin has created one of the coolest thing you’re going to see today: mock-ups of what it might look like if renaissance man (literally) Leonardo da Vinci had created the infamous Iron Man armor that made Tony Stark the Marvel hero that he is.

This is the kind of s**t we love. We know it’s fake, but there’s so much beautiful attention to detail here that we can believe if da Vinci had designed the armor, this is totally what the sketches would look like. It makes sense thematically too considering Tony’s essentially a modern day Leonardo da Vinci, dabbling in nearly anything and everything that expands his knowledge of how the world works… and doing it while being far more intoxicated usually.

That said, on a serious note, this is a cool piece of work, and it’s a great reminder that there are benefits to – safely – browsing the depths of Deviant Art because sometimes you can actually come up from it with gold. Well done, internet/Axel Medellin. Well done.

What do you think of Axel’s Leonardo da Vinci inspired Iron Man armor? Let us know in the comments below.

[HT CBR via Deviant Art]


  1. would of been more nerdy to have written real design aspects backwards and in Latin

  2. Dave Roller says:

    My only comment is used infamous wrong,  Merriam Wenster defines infamus as : 1
    : having a reputation of the worst kind : notoriously evil <an infamous traitor>
    : causing or bringing infamy : disgraceful <an infamous crime>
    : convicted of an offense bringing infamy
    Tony Stark’s armor is none of those things

  3. “considering Tony’s essentially a modern day Leonardo da Vinci,” Absolutely ridiculous, he doesn’t paint.

  4. Jesse Acosta says:

    Wish they would restart 1602 and bring in Iron Man like this 😀

  5. Cool concept! Would have loved to seen this theme extended in the style of “The Vitruvian Man”!

  6. A poster print of this would be nice