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Hunted. Found. Hooked.

So my musical nerd co-writer, Matthew Grosinger, who was supposed to write this week, is disgustingly ill. His voice sounds like Jeff Bridges’ from True Grit; mind you, he’s a lanky hipster from Ohio. So instead of flying across the country to bring him matzo-ball soup (his favorite), I told him I’d write something in his absence.

Lately, I’ve been having feasts of fun on a website called We Are Hunted dot com.  It’s a relatively new, yet lovely addition to the web, catering to what we addicts love best: new music, plain and simple.

We Are Hunted is programmed to make your ear-holes smile. It’s not like Pandora where it automatically plays specific music similar to an artist or song previously chosen, it’s quite the opposite. We Are Hunted is there to show you, “the 99 most popular emerging songs.” Contrary to Billboard, the songs are each categorized by buzz and genre, not by sales, giving you an experience finding things you otherwise may have passed over.

Take an extra long gander in the remix section. As I’ve admitted before, I have a less than healthy addiction to any content Justin Vernon has ever, and probably will ever create… ever. So when I came across this Das Kapital remix below, I was hooked instantly.

I hope this website gives you half as much joy as it’s given me in the last week (that’s a lot of joy). And for you, Matt, here’s something I hope makes you feel better.

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  1. Becca Gleason says:

    You know Anias!? That makes me happy. Yes, I’m a huge fan of that album, especially the tracks he collaborated on. I appreciate the heads up though! Keep the music suggestions coming!

  2. Ben says:

    If you’re a Bon Iver fan, like myself, you should really check the Anias Mitchell album Hades Town. Justin Vernon is featured on a lot of the tracks and its fantastic!

  3. Matt Grosinger says:

    This is awesome. I am pooping right now (joke?)

  4. Esther says:

    Thanks for the find. I love it already.