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Humble Bundle Lets You Pay What You Want for DOCTOR WHO Comics

Humble Bundle Lets You Pay What You Want for DOCTOR WHO Comics

Have you been waiting for the right moment to start reading Doctor Who comics? Don’t be Amy Pond any longer, because you can snag over 60 issues of adventurous Doctor stories with the latest Humble Bundle. That’s enough to occupy you while traveling through space and time repeatedly. The bundle features the 10th and 11th Doctors in 14 collections of graphic novels. Specifically, Fugitive, Tesseract, and Final Sacrifice featuring the 10th Doctor and Doctor Who: Series 2 Vols. 1-4 starring the 11th Doctor. Don’t worry. None of them are written in Gallifreyan.

And that’s not all you get! The bundle also comes with an Android-based puzzle game called Doctor Who: Legacy. In it, you can fight all the Doctor’s iconic foes like Daleks and Cybermen. Once you add in the game, the estimated value of bundle is over $70. You can pay more or less.

There are, of course, incentives for you to pay more. If you opt to fork out dollars for more than the average purchase (currently at $10.99), you’ll get four more volumes from Series 3: The Hypothetical Gentleman, The Eye of Ashaya, Sky Jacks!, and Dead Man’s Hand. Go for a $15 contribution, and you’ll get The Prisoners of Time three volume series. It features all the incarnations of the Doctors. Whew.

This is a great opportunity to dive deeper into the TARDIS, and there’s one more perk. You can decide how you want your purchase to be distributed. You can designate your money to go to IDW Publishing, Humble Bundle, or charitable organizations – either Doctors Without Borders or The Comic Book Legal Defense Fund. Split it up however you’d like.

You have 12 days to take advantage of the Doctor Who comics deal at Humble Bundle. Will you be allons-ying over and purchasing the bundle? Let us know in the comments.


  1. RachSparkles says:

    I got it! I have been wanting to jump into reading comic books using my love of Doctor Who, but most of the books are kind of high for my wallet. I love the way they set up this bundle, and I can’t wait to try out the comics!