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Hugh Jackman Faces Off Against Magneto on WWE RAW

Hugh Jackman Faces Off Against Magneto on WWE RAW

Watching WWE Raw is like watching a soap opera on which the stars wear ridiculous costumes and beat each other up. In other words, it’s wonderful. Raw becomes even more likable when it has guest stars like Hugh Jackman. The appearance of Wolverine means Damien Sandow comes into the ring dressed like Magneto and silliness ensues.

Dolph Ziggler and Jackman have to wrestle with the villain, both verbally and literally, as Magneto showcases his formidable powers. The best part of the interaction is watching Jackman play along and then lay a Wolverine-like move on the caped bad guy. I hope we see Wolverine pull something similar in X-Men: Days of Future Past.

Jump to about 4:10 if you want to skip past the WWE Raw theatrics and jump right into the action.

HT: Comics Alliance


  1. ThePlaidMan says:

    Michael Cole knows his X-Men continuity. Asteroid M….

  2. gdkool says:

    i bet Jackman got paid a sh#t load to do that.

  3. Saeed says:

    I haven’t been a WWE watcher in well over a decade, but the silliness of that clip does remind why I watched it in the first place.

  4. Supreme Power says:

    What an ‘Uncanny’ performance!