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How WIRED Covers Are Made

Creative Director or WIRED Mag and good-friend-of-mine Scott Dadich gave a cool lecture in May about the making of a cover. Scott is not only an insanely talented, MULTI award winning designer, but also super nice guy and the sharpest dresser I know. In the last handful of years Scott has given WIRED its signature look and made each issue as much of an art magazine as a tech one.

Artistic Geekery is the EMBODIMENT of Nerdism, so I am proud to have Scott Dadich on our team.


  1. Deltus says:

    I’ve never been graphically artistic like that (did you say “artistic”? ) and have always been a little jealous of those who are.

  2. Aaron says:

    Forget Boise! Come to Austin! Preferably around october 24thish. Maybe at La Zona Rosa? *looks at your schedule* …. You know this means we’re buddies now right? Just you, Me and Daniel Day Lewis. *high five*

  3. rob says:

    Is Wired Science completely done w/ no chance of return? I loved that show, especially the “what’s in it” segment.

  4. You ass hole!!! Your name sounds just like mine >< even know you had it first lol. any who I love WEB SOUP

  5. dlew says:

    yeah I’ll eat some wii cake

  6. Amy Peterson says:

    I second the Boise request!! Please come!

  7. Smoky_McHonky says:

    DAMN YOU HARDWICK…now that I have your attention – seriously you need to come to Boise. Come sample our exotic and mysterious culture and people. Drink from our loving cup of tolerance and acceptance…..

    Anyway if you came here I’d at least buy a ticket.