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How To Make A Steampunk Keyboard

Whether you’ve recently been plucked out of your 19th century timestream and are trying to adapt to our technology’s sterile aesthetic or you’re just a busybody with a lot of free time and brass, the Steampunk Movement may be just the thing you’re looking for to replace those annoying friends of yours that keep bugging you to get out of the house. Originally, this piece was supposed to air on WIRED Science but was cut for time. Now it airs exclusively anywhere you can imbed flash video.



  1. Hannah says:

    That is very awesome. If only I had a bit more patience. Thank you for sharing.

  2. anthony says:

    awesome. to me, the most appealing aspect of the steampunk movement is victorian boots and spats.

  3. Ashbot says:

    I appreciate you bringing this cut segment to light. There is something so appealing about steampunk. I desire his tricked out monitor, that artful bastard.

  4. solmssen says:

    Hey Chris – my brilliant, lovely and hilarious girlfriend Heather says that steampunk is all well and good until you realize that the ultimate expression of the steampunk aesthetic is the movie “Wild Wild West.” No more brassy knobby things for me, please!