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How to Do Comic Con on HARD MODE!

Ladies and Gentle Giants: we’ve got your back when it comes to experiencing the most exclusive fun Comic Con has to offer! It ain’t gon’ be easy! But nothing that’s worthwhile ever is…

This is how you do SDCC: Hard Mode! It’s the most-anticipated panel, the hardest-to-find Con-exclusive collectible, and the highest-profile party. And in between your party-cruising, schmoozing, and cosplay-paloozing, come play Laser Tag at our Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel themed arena at Petco Park!

May the Force be with you on your Comic Con journey. Don’t worry—at least The Nerdist will be with you. Don’t miss Malik talking the Destiny Beta on a new Nerdist Play, and check us out again tomorrow for more of what to expect at SDCC! Have your own expert tips to share? Share the wealth in the comments below!


  1. Lord_Kot says:

    Knee-ing Malik in the balls is setting a bad example for the younger generation. Say NO to such horrendous acts of violence. Shame on you Jessica, shame on you.

  2. JackHTX says:


  3. Shecky says:

    Hey, I love the show! Jess is awesome! The set is amazing! I like the quality of the video and even the player is cool! Nice job to everyone putting Nerdist News together!

  4. Confused says:

    Am I missing something? There is nothing listed here…?

  5. Confused says:

    Am I missing something? There is nothing listed here…