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How GAME OF THRONES Dragons Work, COMMUNITY Season 6, Apple Beats, and MORTAL KOMBAT 10

Why hello there, friends. Do you like science? How about TV? Videogames? Of course you do, so you’re gonna love today’s Nerdist News!

On the show you’ll hear where Community might be heading for season six, you’ll get a breakdown of how fire-breathing dragons would work in real life by Nerdist science editor Kyle Hill, you’ll get a glimpse of the dystopian future left after the Apple-Beats acquisition, and even a hint at the next game in the uber-violent Mortal Kombat franchise. It’s a circus of value!

Enjoy the show, check out tomorrow’s Nerdist News WTFridays, and let us know in the comments below what you hope to see in the next Mortal Kombat!



  1. is that stain on Jessica’s top from the Chinese food?… 

  2. RedwoodCoast says:

    Mexican or Thai food would’ve been more appropriate for fire breath.  Total troll by the Mortal Kombat dude.

  3. Timyeah! says:

    lol action essentials ftw!!!

  4. Nick says:

    That scientific explanation is from the movie “Reign of Fire”.