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Housekeeping wih Baba Booey

Gary Dell’abate’s a busy guy, and he gets a lot of gadgets and equipment to review, so things tend to get backed up. This week on the Nerdist Channel’s They Call Me Baba Booey, Gary looks at some stuff piling up in his closet that he hasn’t yet gotten around to reviewing. Also, he offers his take on the mobile phone wars and reviews some audiobooks in which you might be interested, including Paul Shaffer’s memoir and Stephen King’s time-traveling 11/22/63.

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  1. Larry says:

    The only technology booey is qualified to evaluate is toothbrushes.

  2. @Douche_McGee says:

    I’m jackin’ off to your nerdist vids,
    to your nerdist videos
    your nerdist vids
    you see the lotion
    and it’s the motion
    I’m jackin’ off to you, Booey
    I’m jackin’ off to you

  3. Pat Dixon says:

    Much better presentation but the reviews were brutal. You should only review devices you’ve tried and there should be a demo of each product, not just a box. Still love ya…

  4. Liran says:

    Good review. You’re much better without a script.

  5. Jessica says:

    Half of the stuff you REVIEW…you didn’t try? :(