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HOUSE OF CARDS Renewed for Third Season

HOUSE OF CARDS Renewed for Third Season

Just a week and a half before the premiere of its much anticipated second season, The Hollywood Reporter confirmed today that House of Cards has been renewed for a third season. The Netflix drama made waves last spring when it premiered its first season all at once in its entirety and became a prime example of “binge viewing,” and one-hour drama fans fell head over heels for its political intrigue, impeccable cast, and razor-sharp writing.

In the U.S. adaptation of the BBC miniseries, Kevin Spacey stars as a conniving U.S. Representative hell-bent on revenge against those who’ve wronged him — including the President himself. Produced by Spacey and David Fincher, House of Cards also stars Robin Wright, Kata Mara, Michael Kelly, and Kirsten Connolly as a few of the other players in Underwood’s corrupt game. Though the series was initially imagined as a two-season pick-up, showrunner Beau Willimon and the cast have all expressed interest in continuing the story further.

House of Cards

Many viewers of the show consumed the first season in less than a week, and after a TV binge like that, a year is a long time to wait. All 13 episodes of House of Cards Season 2 will be available for streaming on Netflix beginning Friday, February 14th, so… at least we all know what our Valentine’s Day weekend plans are….


  1. Rodrigo says:

    I’ll watch the 2nd season for sure. House of Cards is an amazing politic thriller with a stunning cast. The fact of all episodes been available at once is a good shot, even though you have to control yourself to not watch the entire season in a row.