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House Lannister is On SESAME STREET

House Lannister is On SESAME STREET

You love Game of Thrones. You love Sesame Street. You love Simon Says. The Venn diagram of these three things is this excerpt from Sesame Street in which Peter Dinklage — you love him, too — sings an explanation of the game. Although “people always do whatever Simon says to do” is not true in my experience. If they did, my life would be… awesome.

And there’s ANOTHER Game of Thrones/Sesame Street crossover! Lena Headey is here to help Murray relax after he has some trouble remembering his lines…

Your turn, House Targaryen, House Tyrell, House Stark….



  1. Timothy says:

    Phillip… that comment <3 you've won my respect.

  2. Phillip says:

    Also, the head of Snuffy the elephant was found sewn to the body of dead soldier and paraded down Sesame Street while the Rains of Castamere was played by the muppet show band

  3. John Duncan Yoyo says:

    Sesame Street always had a back channel of things to engage the parents. James Gandofini and Edie Falco both appeared separately at the height of the Sopranos.

  4. Eddie says:

    I’m not sure if there’s too much crossover audience between sesame street and Game of thrones. Unless you have horrible parents