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HOOKED ON ONYX Gets Spooky at Monsterpalooza

HOOKED ON ONYX Gets Spooky at Monsterpalooza

If the attendees of Monsterpalooza, Burbank, CA’s 3-day festival for all things horror, didn’t feel a creeping sense of dread this year, then perhaps they should have, because little did they know but our very own Onyx the Fortuitous was in their midst and where he goes, trouble follows (as do ample amounts of dick ticklin’). Although event coverage is typically my purview, I have to commend Onyx on his deeply personal, heartfelt style of interviewing and, of course, his commitment to always showing up in costume. Special FX make up artist Casey Wong transform Onyx into a classic movie monster and then, like the best horror movies, the true terror begins.

Are you hungry like the Wolfman for more Onyx? Will he live to host another day? Where would you like us to send him next? Let us know in the comments below!


  1. Jordan Wilhelm says:

    I love Onyx, his comedy is hilarious. Andrew Bowser has created this unique character I have become a fan of and I wish there was more, even if it was combined with other people’s serious coverage of cons! Please keep him around! And send him to Fan Expo in Toronto because I’ll be there 😛

  2. Jason Heath says:

    I had never heard of Nerdist prior to your Onyx Monsterpalooza video.

    If he is representative of what you have to offer, do us nerds a favor and change your name to Douche-ist.

    Do we really need to support the sexual harassment of female cosplayers?

    Look at her facial reaction to his bile. Grow a pair and grow up. Real nerds, real men don’t support that crap

  3. Jason Heath says:

    I will pay you money to never put this person on camera again.