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HOOK Fight Scene Recreated with the Real Rufio

HOOK Fight Scene Recreated with the Real Rufio

The story of Peter Pan has been adapted for the screen repeatedly, and some interpretations are better than others. Hook, released in 1991, did an okay job bringing the fairy tale to life, and it succeeded in delivering memorable scenes and characters. One of the Lost Boys, Rufio, has an entire fan base, and actor Dante Basco is still embracing his role as the cheeky kid.

Basco teamed up with CineFix to recreate the famous fight scene from Hook as part of their “Homemade” series. Over 20 years later, Basco still has the moves and manages to make the costume work. The “I wish I had a dad like you” line still gets me.

If you don’t remember the exact fight, take a look at a side by side comparison to see how closely the homemade take matches the original. CineFix is right on target. I’m not sure how much work Basco’s stunt double Scott Waugh did in the original fight, if any, but currently, he’s busy doing jobs like directing Need for Speed.

What do you think – is Rufio the best Lost Boy ever? Let us know in the comments.


  1. Orionsangel says:

    Is the actor who played Rufio in HOOK really from Neverland? He doesn’t age lol.