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Homer Simpson Takes The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Homer Simpson Takes The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge has been all the rage for the last few weeks, but unlike most internet trends that we wish would end as quickly as they began, this is something we never want to see conclude. Not only is it raising a tremendous amount of money for a great cause (and encouraging charitable donations in general), many of the videos are just freaking funny. From Henry Cavill having multiple buckets dumped on his head while dressed as Superman, to Matt Damon dumping iced toilet water on himself to simultaneously support his clean water initiative, it seems the longer this trend goes on, the more elaborate the videos become. But perhaps none are as more elaborate as this, especially considering how a certain troublemaking 10 year old rented a helicopter and obtained an outlandish amount of materials with which to harm his father:

Doing animated things like this in any sort of timely fashion is hard – especially if you’re not South Park – because animating even a one minute segment of The Simpsons can take weeks of processing, so really we have to praise the relevancy of this video, as well as the fact that the team was able to make it happen. Who better to make us want to donate to charity than the man that’s currently dominating our airwaves until September 1st, Homer Simpson.

Well done, Simpson family, well done.

What other animated characters do you want to see take the ALS challenge? Let us know in the comments below.


  1. Please keep this going, guys!