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HOMELAND’s Latest Season Four Trailer Paints an Intriguing Picture

HOMELAND’s Latest Season Four Trailer Paints an Intriguing Picture

With summer almost over, it’s time for us to begin gearing up for the fall television season. With new shows like Gotham, Scorpion and Constantine on the horizon, it’s easy to forget there’s a slew of returning shows to look forward to, including Sleepy Hollow, Sons of Anarchy, The Walking Dead and, as today’s new trailer will show, Homeland.

Last season took us to some insane places that saw sergeant turned sleeper agent Nicholas Brody finally meet his end in Iran during a public execution following his assassination of the Revolutionary Guard, General Danesh Akbari. Once his mission was complete, Carrie – pregnant with Brody’s child – was promoted to the position of station chief in Instanbul while Saul “left” the CIA to work in the private sector.

Now that we got all that fun exposition out of the way, it seems the new season will pick up not too long after the end of the last one, and will follow Carrie as she navigates her new position within the CIA and being a new single mother. All of it sounds like the makings of a fresh start for the series that can go anywhere now that Brody is out of the picture. It will be interesting to see what kind of look the show takes on in the upcoming season.

Homeland premieres Sunday, October 5th on Showtime.

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