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HOMELAND Season Four Has a Trailer, a Pi, and a Bald Corey Stoll!

HOMELAND Season Four Has a Trailer, a Pi, and a Bald Corey Stoll!

Homeland looks like it’s going back to basics, and focusing on what made it fascinating from the get-go (a/k/a NOT Nicholas Brody’s love affair with Carrie): the tyranny of secrets and what it takes to keep them, in turn protecting (hypothetically) the world. Ahh, thank goodness: Homeland is back!

The fourth season, which — for all intents and purposes — looks to be a bit of a repilot of the series after they (spoiler alert? I guess?) killed off Nicholas Brody and essentially burned the entire series’ preexisting premise to the ground. Now we’ve got Carrie Mathison doing what made her such an asset to the CIA (and not freaking out in a psych ward — thank goodness), Saul (Mandy Patinkin forever! FOR-EV-ER!) on the private contractor side, and Quinn being his unruly, unpredictable self.

Perhaps the most exciting change (sorry), is the the Brody family is gone: in their place are a bevy of new faces, including Dev from Smash (Raza Jeffrey), Suraj Sharma (he played young Pi in Life of Pi), and a bald Corey Stoll — the best sort of Corey Stoll, as everyone except for the creative team at The Strain seem to realize.

With her bipolar disorder stabilized and a lack of Brody weighing down on her — and her baby good and cooked and, we’re assuming, being raised by her sister — she gets back to doing what she does best. A very good thing for all of us fans of Homeland when it was at its best. October 5th: hurry up already.

What do you think of the trailer? Looking forward to the show’s return? Let us know in the comments.


  1. Luanne says:

    No more dreary Dana?  HOORAY!!!!