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Holly Conrad’s Odd Familiars Get a Creepy-Cool Art Show in L.A.

Holly Conrad’s Odd Familiars Get a Creepy-Cool Art Show in L.A.

For cosplayers the world over, Crabcat Industries is likely to be a familiar name. The costume fabrication shop, cosplay community, and new media entertainment company has made a name for itself (and rapidly!) since its 2010 debut, likely thanks to the creative prowess of the two women at its helm. Not only working with us here at Nerdist (Try This At Home), but also thanks to their work on the Heroes of Cosplay on Syfy, where both Holly Conrad (woops, sorry, we meant Commander Holly). and Jessica Merizan showcased their off-the-hook creations.

Now, one-half of that duo has been given the opportunity to showcase her artistic chops with a second solo art show at The Secret Headquarters in Los Angeles. That’s where Odd Familiars, Holly Conrad’s self-described creepy art work, will get the gallery treatment. Several of Conrad’s drawings and pieces will be up at the famed comic book shop on Sunset starting March 7th, complete with comic books, booze, and a geektastically good time. Thanks to Conrad’s radacity, we have some glimpses into the sort of oddities one will be able to familiarize themselves with at the opening:




So who else will we see at The Secret Headquarters on March 7th at 7 PM? Let us know in the comments!


  1. Dolley says:

    I actually found this more ennentairitg than James Joyce.

  2. …..Kay. Not gonna ask.