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Holiday Gift Guide: Movies For The Stockings

Don’t like leaving the house on Christmas to go to the movies? Trust me, I know the feeling. You’d be hard pressed to get me to leave my room during the holidays with all the awesome gifts that are normally acquired around this time. Why not just hangout at home and watch movies all day? Well social isolate or not, there are some pretty thoughtful DVD and Blu-Ray sets that you may want to throw on your wish-list or consider for a loved one. Also, towards the end of this list I have a special gift for all of my fellow Tony Stark wannabes out there.

The Jack Ryan Collection– We start off with our badass seeker of truth and freedom fighter, Jack Ryan. You may know him as the character that was so “bawse,” he was played by Harrison Ford, Ben Affleck and Alec Baldwin across various movies. Hands down one of the late great Tom Clancy’s best characters, this collection is set for holiday release and will definitely make any espionage thriller fan like myself feel tingly inside.

The Hobbit: Extended Version Blu-Ray– Middle-earth is beckoning us once again in a matter of two weeks with the upcoming release of the next Hobbit film. Why not revisit last year’s “Unexpected Journey” with 9 hours of behind the scenes footage and 13 minutes never-before-seen film.

World War Z Blu-Ray– Can’t get enough of the pop culture phenomenon that is zombies? Than it is imperative that you add the film adaptation of Max Brooks’ apocalyptic horror novel World War Z to your collection. This is easily one of the best zombie films that’s hit in the last several years.

Mystery Science Theater 3000: 25th Anniversary Edition– 25 years have passed since we sat behind our favorite silhouettes and watched as they lambasted some of the worst films ever known to man. Share your love and respect for dreadful theater by going out and picking up this special bundle up for your loved ones.

The Art of Ender’s Game– Ender’s Game was one of the most visually stunning films of the year. Fans of the movie or just science fiction in general will get a kick out of this hardcover collection of concept art, removable posters, and visual effects archives.

Pain and Gain Blu-Ray– Ever imagined what it would be like if Michael Bay took a crack at a movie with meaningful depth? I know, this sounds laughable. But Pain and Gain was a step in that very direction, just still not absent of that Michael Bay flare we’ve grown accustomed to. Sigh, it’s still worth a look if you haven’t seen it for Mark Wahlberg and Anthony Mackie’s performances alone.

Anchorman: The Rich Mahogany Edition– “Stay classy” with the Rich Mahogany edition of Will Ferrell’s timeless comedy, Anchorman. This couldn’t be any more perfect with Anchorman 2 landing in theaters just before Christmas; you’ll already be high on Ron Burgundy and the gang’s shenanigans.

Bruce Lee Set– Bruce Lee would be 73 years old today if he were still alive and kicking (literally). What better way to honor his legacy than by diving back into classics such as Enter The Dragon, Fist Of Fury, and The Game Of Death?

Wizard of Oz 75th Anniversary Set– Nope, the Wizard of Oz will never get old. Here we are 75 years later and the movie feels as fun and fresh as it did when we first saw it as children (I’m assuming most of us saw this first as children, right?). Now we can follow the yellow brick road in 3d and crystal clear native 1080p with this 75th anniversary set.

Iron Man 3 – Motorized Arc FX Gauntlet– Okay, so most of us can agree that Iron Man 3 wasn’t the best movie in the series, right? Well if you’re like me and spent most of the film drifting away, day dreaming about what it would be like to own a personal Iron Man suit at home, you’re in luck. Hasbro has concocted this disc projecting replica of Iron Man’s Arc Gauntlet, just in time for you to take anyone’s eye out in debates over which Iron Man movie was the best in the series.

Phew, you have to admit, that’s quite a bit of stocking stuffing gold right there. Keep in mind that if you show this list to anyone, then they officially have no excuse for failing to give you something awesome to grace your television with come December 25th. Ciao my friends!


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