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Holiday Gift Guide 2014: A Music Geek’s Wish List

Holiday Gift Guide 2014: A Music Geek’s Wish List

Alright fellow music nerds, we are approaching the end of the year which means its time to throw on those sweatpants, stuff your gullets, and stop pretending like decorum actually matters. Lol, but really, the end of the year means it’s time to catch up on all of the albums you may have missed throughout the year and stock up on some cool gear to make sure your 2015 starts on the proper footing. Below you’ll find all the compulsory gifts, gear, and goodies that will make any music geek sing your praises.


Guardians Of The Galaxy Limited Edition Mondo VinylSlated to ship in early 2015, this limited edition Mondo vinyl is the classiest way to enjoy the Awesome Mix Vol. 1 in 2015. We may be living in the future, but that doesn’t mean we can’t appreciate the vintage, OG way to listen all the music from Guardians of the GalaxyYou better believe that before Peter Quill’s mom made that cassette, she was listening to all the music on vinyl. Order this for yourself or your favorite sibling and prepare to get funky like baby Groot.


JBL Pulse Bluetooth SpeakerThe perfect, portable mood setting device, or the sneakiest way to scare the shit out of your roommate by blasting “The Final Countdown,” The JBL pulse is a powerful lil’ bluetooth speaker that comes with a built-in LED light show. One time I went to a disappointing Pink Floyd cover band laser light show with my friend for his birthday, and I sort of feel like listening to Dark Side Of The Moon on this puppy would have been way better.


“Weird Al’s” Tacky T-Shirt From The “Tacky” Music Video: Because you’re tackkkkyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeee. Remember this excellently revolting shirt from “Weird Al”‘s “Tacky” music video, which we premiered in July? It is the kind of t-shirt that boldly goes where no shirt has gone before. By which we mean, the “on sale” section of Goodwill which is a veritable dumpster secretly stocked with all of the best clothes you’ll likely ever own. This is the statement shirt you have been waiting to own–it’s destiny.


Bun B’s Rap Coloring and Activity BookThis is a great way to start your kids early. They’ll learn about coloring in the lines at the same time they’ll learn about the hip-hop virtues of coloring outside the lines! You get to watch your sons/daughters make Tyler, The Creator look more ridiculous than he already does because they’re younger than five years old and their dexterity is likely laughable at this stage in their young lives! Who are we kidding, you are an adult and you want this and you should order like five of them.


Keep In Touch Yearlong Flexi-Card SubscriptionKeep In Touch is a monthly postcard subscription that mails flexi-discs from up-and-coming musicians to your house. The postcards are pressed like vinyl and double as playable records so you can play them on any turntable. It is a personal, tactile way to interface with music that feels especially important as the delivery methods of songs and albums begin to feel highly impersonal.


Echo Design’s Headphone HatF-ck the Polar Vortex. Give this new shitty weather phenomenon the cold shoulder (heh) by keeping warm and snug AND jamming out to your favorite beachy summer jams at the same. damn. time. With this cozy hat’s built in headphones, you’ll never have to risk losing your fingers or ears to frostbite just to play your favorite tracks from the Awesome Mix Vol. 1. Also, if teal and dark green aren’t your favorite colors, worry not, there are a few more selections that should tickle your fancy.


American Hustle Gatefold 12″ Colored Vinyl: Had Peter Quill’s mom been a bit more into super into jazz legends Duke Ellington and Thelonius monk, the American Hustle soundtrack might have had a lot more crossover with the Awesome Mix. But this isn’t to say that this groovy soundtrack is lacking by any means. From top to bottom, this soundtrack boasts the sort of danceable jams that would prompt even fat Christian Bale to bust a serious move or two. This item will be available in February of next year so you’ll probably have to supplement this gift with something else on this list just to alleviate some of the anticipation.


Hip Hop Family Tree Vol. 1 & 2 BundleEd Piskor’s Hip Hop Family Tree series is a brilliant history of the birth of hip hop as refracted through the lens of ’70s Marvel comics. Printed on large gritty yellowed paper, the stories of hip-hop’s biggest names jump from the page and become the sort of epic tale you’d expect from a comic or graphic novel. Look no further that futuristic, larger-than-life depictions of rap legend and forebear Afrika Bambaataa for an accurate idea of Piskor’s style and meticulous attention to detail.


DIY Gramophone Kit $79.99Old timey, but also modern chic, this DIY gramophone form ThinkGeek is the perfect piece to complete your home entertainment system, especially if you are rocking (punny) a turn-of-the-century or steampunk theme in your crib. In fact, pretty sure I remember Will Smith using this contraption to enjoy records in Wild Wild West. I am definitely lying, but I am sure the Fresh Prince would approve of this very slick record player nonetheless.


A Man Called Destruction: The Life And Music Of Alex Chilton From Box Tops To Big Star To Backdoor ManThere is a reason The Replacements have a song called “Alex Chilton.” From his work with the Box Tops to the seminal power pop band Big Star, Alex Chilton was one of the most significant, enigmatic figures in alternative rock’s history: virtually every important band (Nirvana and The Replacements among them) cite him as a source of inspiration. This comprehensive biography about the Big Star frontman is the perfect gift for any indie rock diehards in your family who want to know the history of the music they love so much.


Sleater-Kinney’s Start Together Vinyl Box SetWell, we certainly were not expecting Riot Grrrl staple Sleater-Kinney  to reunite any time soon, what with the breakout success of Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein’s PortlandiaBut tucked into the rock trio’s career spanning box set was a new song and the promise of more Sleater-Kinney to come, which we think is the best gift of all. Well, the complete vinyl colleciton is pretty rad too.


Art Vinyl’s Play And Display Triple Pack: It’s a cool way to show off your vinyl collection! It’s a smart storage solution! It’s a smart investment for any music fan who fancies herself/himself a vinyl collector with discerning taste. The hardest part is figuring out which records look the best when placed in a triptych. Be warned, a Weezer-Miles Davis–Backsteet Boys display might raise some eyebrows. But, you know, do what you feel.

So which music gifts are must-haves for you this year? Let us know in the comments below and on Twitter!

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