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Hoard Your Gold in This Epic Dragon Backpack

Hoard Your Gold in This Epic Dragon Backpack

It’s almost time for Younglings and Padawans to head back to school, and that means you might be in the middle of gathering supplies. If you’re in the market for a new backpack, look at this amazing dragon design by the Bob Basset workshop. It’s not available for sale, but it will help you set the backpack bar a little higher. The dragon backpack is made from black leather, and that’s the workshop’s specialty. Bob Basset is based out of Ukraine and employs a team of artists trained in working leather and also in using metal, stone, and resin. They’re most well known for their detailed steampunk gas masks (which you can find for sale on eBay) and this epic design that makes it look like you have a dragon on your back. Hey, it’s better than having a monkey there. The creature curls up and over your shoulder and wraps its wings around you. I imagine it would be like getting a dragon hug all day long. In other words, it would be the best. It’s not just for show either; the bag opens to reveal what looks like plenty of room for your books and papers. dragon backpack 6 Take a closer look at the dragon accessory in the below gallery:

The workshop has also produced a cool Cthulhu handbag: cthulhu handbag I would like one of the dragon backpacks made to look like Viserion from Game of Thrones. Then I could create a rig to make the backpack spew fire whenever I say “Dracarys.” Sounds safe, right? HT: Geekologie

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  1. I would like to know where do you get the dragon backpack from? 

  2. This NEEDS to be in production. There’s a Dragonriders of Pern movie in the works. There’s Game of Thrones. Both would tie in very nicely.


  4. Jenny says:

     I would so tap anyone wearing this….

  5. Cat Petch says:

    Neat backpack, however, the pictures are from 2009…

  6. Backpack of Virginity +5

    • joemama says:

      id you really come here to nerd shame? this is why “gamer girls” “feel” unwelcome it is because of comments like this. No H8

      • Hey, sorry if my attempt at some levity offended you. It was not my intent.

        • Pat says:

          I wasn’t offended, just bored. The “D&D player = virgin” canard is several decades old, and it wasn’t original or clever even when it was new. Repeating it now is really kind of embarrassing, if you ask me.

        • Dianne says:

          Perhaps pat needs to chill… I thought it was funny and I am considered a gamer girl by all accounts. Mind you I actually game rather than trying to act all cute and get people to give me stuff… its whatevs.

        • Dianne, you don’t need to pat yourself on the back for that or announce it.  Just do it.  Pat, your comment is absurd and illogical.  Jokes are frequently passed around and around reused and repeated. It doesn’t make it less funny.  If anything it makes it more funny if you consider the science of humor and repetition. 

    • Acheya says:

      Haha, nerd with your Dragon Backpack. Why don’t you get this generic, Land’s End backpack that every…other…person…is…sh*t… I want that.