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Hey ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK Fans: Mary Steenburgen is [Spoiler]’s Mom — Seriously.

Hey ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK Fans: Mary Steenburgen is [Spoiler]’s Mom — Seriously.

Guess what, Orange is the New Black fans? There’s a new momma stepping onto the scene by way of incredibly delightful actress Mary Steenburgen. Who could this delightful woman — who’s managed to appear in a bevy of our favorite things — have given birth to on the series? Perhaps Bennett? Maybe a new inmate? Alex Vause? Hardly — she’s playing Pornstache’s mother. As in, Pablo Schreiber, a.k.a. Mendez.

Hoo boy.

After tweeting out the news that she was set to appear in Jenji Kohan’s Netflix series earlier this month, speculation as to what sort of criminal Steenburgen could possibly be ran rampant (at least in our minds). We’d pictured her as Litchfield’s own Martha Stewart, but TVLine‘s exclusive on the matter told us otherwise.

Of course if Steenburgen could handle the volatile manchildren that were Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly in Step Brothers, surely she’s up to the challenge of wrangling Herr Stache over here. Which got us thinking: is Daya going to be receiving visits from MommaStache in lieu of her boy being in the slammer for having sex with the inmate? Sounds like things are going to be continually tricky for everyone involved in that little clusterf*ck. After all — with Schreiber’s appearances in season three likely limited due to his own starring role in an upcoming HBO series titled The Brink — we’ll need someone to keep the heat on Daya and Bennett.

Whatever the case may be — it’s just one of many reasons we’re already anticipating season three of OITNB.

What do you think of this new development? Sound off in the comments.


  1. I was sort of hoping she’d be the replacement assistant warden because *SPOILERS* Caputo is probably in a fuck ton of trouble after the events of that last day.