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Hey, Jonah Ray’s Comedy Central Special Is This Friday, Y’know. Watch It!

jonahraycomedycentral0513aHey, Splitsider has a nice interview up now with our own Jonah Ray, and you should go there and read it, because a) it’s a good one, covering the special, The Meltdown, podcasting, and more, and b) it will serve as a reminder to you that Jonah’s Comedy Central special on The Half Hour is coming THIS FRIDAY and YOU HAVE TO WATCH. Take a look at the clip above, Jonah’s improbable tale of watching Lars Ulrich downloading music on the Internet at a house party.

And then watch The Half Hour with Jonah Ray on Friday night, 12/11c, on Comedy Central here in the good ol’ U.S. of A. Wear plaid.


  1. frankmint says:

    But, the hair!

  2. Rokku says:

    I see this Half Hour features Jonah’s Awful Jacket. That’s… unfortunate.

  3. tjb says:

    nice! look forward to watching the whole thing :)

  4. Patrick says:

    OHHH YAH!!