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Here’s That Fan-Made Unofficial Credit Sequence For “X-Men: First Class”

Yeah, I know, this has been everywhere by now, but, geez, this is good, an unofficial 1960’s Saul Bass-style credit sequence for “X-Men: First Class” made by Joe D!, so in case you haven’t seen it, here you go:

It was inspired by a contest Super Punch held for a redesign for the movie’s poster; note that the music is the cartoon version theme, reimagined, and the graphics fit the movie’s time period. My only quibble is that a REAL 1960’s credit sequence would put the title at or near the beginning (that ending-with-the-title thing is a more recent development, along with the style where you save the full credits until the end of the movie). But this is still pretty excellent.

HT: Too many to remember, but the latest I saw was New York Magazine’s Vulture, which in turn credits Patton Oswalt’s Twitter post, so let’s give them some credit.


  1. BrentG says:

    That was astonishing, if for no other reason than the eerie, orchestral version of the classic cartoon theme song.