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Here’s Chris On ‘The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson’ Last Night

Missed Chris Hardwick on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson last night? Here, from CBS, is the segment:

Behold, Chris talking through a Betty White mask, Craig trying to play what Chris calls an “astronaut bong,” Chris’ all-purpose weather report for Arizona, Sammy the Shark’s untimely death, and so much more from Chris’ last appearance in Craig’s old studio.

A few show notes:

1. I know, some of you outside the U.S. won’t be able to see it. Can’t help it; that’s CBS’ call.

2. Yes, it clips off Chris’ entrance. Again, that’s how it comes from the network.

Good appearance, though. Watch, laugh, enjoy.

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  1. Bubblegum says:

    Oh great region Gods, why have you forsaken me and my country? Doesnt Canada deserve to enjoy the awesomesauce that is Hard n Ferg? sighs….

  2. RavenSkye86 says:

    seriously the look on Chris’s face at 6:13 is priceless

  3. RavenSkye86 says:

    Love these two together. Always a great time to be had.

  4. Here’s the entire show on the ol’ YouTubes:

    Chris’ segment starts at around the 15 minute mark.

  5. bob says:

    great segment!! laughed a bunch

  6. HoldenDrover says:

    Great interview man, he’s always seemed like a pretty awesome guy..

  7. Alec says:

    Why must you hate my geographic region, CBS?

  8. Psychofox says:

    cant view video in your region 🙁