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Here’s A Trailer For Simon Pegg In “A Fantastic Fear of Everything”

Are you in need of more Simon Pegg and can’t wait until the Star Trek sequel comes out in 2013?  Good news: he’s staring in the British movie A Fantastic Fear of Everything as a children’s author tuned crime novelist whose life takes a dark turn when he starts to research the lives of Victorian serial killers and he’s convinced to film the experience.  Working though deep emotional issues is so much easier in the public.  Simon recently tweeted this trailer, and I love the fresh originality of this premise. He has a solid track record of incredibly funny movies, so this movie has the potential to be beyond awesome.  It looks funny and charming.

The release date is June 8th for the U.K., Germany, Australia, New Zealand and Latin America, with no U.S. release date yet.  Let’s hope it gets released in the U.S., too!


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