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Here, the Pilot for “Revolution”

Say, you saw the huge ad for J.J. Abrams, Eric Kripke, and NBC’s new series Revolution on the outside of the Hilton at San Diego Comic-Con International, and you’ve heard about the show — Jon Favreau directed the pilot, and it takes place 15 years after all electrical power goes out worldwide, plus Gus Fring! — and figure you’ll give it a shot when it premieres on September 17th. But you don’t have to wait, at least in territories where this video will work — the U.S., that is, sorry if it doesn’t work in other countries, not our call –because NBC’s posted the entire debut in advance. Here:


If you have an hour to spare, take a look and see what you think, then comment below. On your computer or mobile device. Which requires electricity. Which still works. For now.

HT: Topless Robot, io9

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  1. David says:

    It looks like a cool show. What I don’t understand is how, when all of Hollywood is struggling against online piracy and copyright infringement, NBC continues to promote the piracy culture. They promote on a global level but only deliver locally in the US. Everywhere else people ask “How can I watch that?” and the answer is “The Pirate Bay”.

  2. For it being 15 years since the power outage, the clothes they are wearing seem awfully new and the bus they scavenged seemed to be barely affected by the passage of time. Dust seemed to be the only change in the bus when in reality the windows would have been busted out the seats would have rotted…after fifteen years there is no way it would have been so pristine.

    • ericmci says:

      I mean it’s just bad.
      For all the reasons every other nbc show like this has failed in the last 3 years this one will too.
      It’s like the get a few talented people to work on things then the studio kills them with notes and the NBC way.

      Maybe if they verge on bankruptcy NBC will finally look around and see how tv can be done right.

  3. SyberJedi says:

    Interesting concept. I don’t care if it was inspired by something else. I have to agree about the flaws concerning batteries not working, and humans still living due to the whole no electricity thing. Then there’s the gun issue. I can see black powder firearms still working, but not too sure about more modern weapons.
    Still, I am intrigued enough to be willing to watch this show, at least to see how they get through the first season of it, provided it doesn’t get cancelled before the end.

  4. notpearly says:

    I thought the show was interesting but probably won’t watch it until the first season is complete. To the people who are saying there wouldn’t be people living in Chicago 15 why wouldn’t they still be there. There have been major hub in human society all throughout our history. They didn’t have electricity back when Rome was created and yet they still had a large population in a confined area. Overall I believe that this show could be watchable to some people.

  5. Mary says:

    I loved it,

  6. JetpackBlues says:

    Watched it, don’t know that I can get behind it. It seems like Jericho, Flash Forward, and Falling Skies all rolled into one.

    I’m with Kevin, it’ll be over before it gets interesting. Mired in character stories week after week with little to no advancement. I think it would be great as a miniseries, but nobody does them anymore.

  7. Lasgun42 says:

    Pilots are always a bit sticky. So much exposition. I will give it a chance. But I think the Jericho crowd might have something.

  8. ericmci says:

    This is another rushed nbc quasi sci fi concept.
    So not even batteries work- but human beings produce an electrical charge they are unaffected- NOTHING using electricity works??
    So hacky- and the forced I’m YOUNG I need to explore right out of the gate- crap.
    This is sci fi for stupid people.

  9. Chuck says:

    Well, I’m not sure I am in the mood for anymore dystopian nihilistic-type shows, but for what it’s worth,I woke up thinking about the show last night which means it got to me. Having said that I agree with Kevin above that the show will likely sputter a tad, somehow getting through plot too slow and clumsily and end up canceled like Jericho or Terra Nova.

  10. Vincent S says:

    Eventhough I couldn’t get the pilot here, I watched the trailer anyways…. not really excited about this. Hey, if it gets traction in the future and the show gets better, I might check it out then. But for now, I’ll watch other things.

  11. Scott says:

    I liked it. I will give it a chance. It was fun, and not too heavy… with a little dash of mystery.

  12. scott b says:

    yea if this doesn’t get nbc sued by s.m. stirling, all of the emberverse fans my self included are going to be pissed. By the way, just to nit pick, in the pilot: after fifteen years people are still living in the city of chicago? no way, if the pluage didn’t get them sptis and collara would, plus not to mention no running water or food that is a givin, and machined ammo would be such a valible commodity that using it would be like hitting someone in the head with a gold brick and leaving it there. cuz the fighting over food and medicine and such.
    sorry for bad grammer and spelling, so angry over nothing.

  13. Jake says:

    People are forgetting one glaringly obvious name attached to this that will make me give it a shot, Eric Kripke! That’s right, the creator and showrunner of Supernatural’s first 5 seasons is writer and creator of this show. And if anyone has seen Supernatural knows that Eric Kripke plans his stories out. This makes me believe that this show is worth the watch alone.

  14. Nicholas says:

    “Hey… ummm… the ‘Hunger Games’ just came out…. so can you awkwardly and clumsily force unnecessary links between our piece of shit show and that decent movie? Thanks”

    Pitch Meeting

  15. Kevin says:

    I think we have another “Jerico” situation on our hands. I’m going to find this show incredibly intriguing and then it will be canceled without sufficient ending.

  16. Scrib says:


  17. Kyle Steed says:

    Team Mustache Dad!

  18. JetpackBlues says:

    “The video you are trying to access is not available on this device.”

    Really NBC? I can’t watch this on the iPad? (Looks it up on the MacBook) Oh, Flash, how quaint.

    Not available on ALL mobile devices, just FYI. 🙂

  19. The New Floyd says:

    Pretty silly. Sorry NBC. Try again…

  20. Okay, I’m intrigued.

    Although it is still hard to ignore the similarities between this show’s story lines and S. M. Stirling’s “Change” novels, I can see where “Revolution” will provide enough creative differences to keep and hold my attention.

    I especially enjoyed the two plot twists during the last five minutes of the show.

    Of course, it wasn’t ALL perfect. If I had to nitpick one aspect of the show, it is this: Based on the premise, all electricity and electronics have failed. But, as we see from one pivotal early scene, modern guns and ammunition work just fine. Why then are all the fight scenes with ancient weapons? What’s with all the crossbows, single-shot rifles and longswords? If there’s anything that can be said for sure about the United States, there is no shortage of guns and ammo; in a post-apocalyptic America, there should be enough weapons to give one to every man, woman and child still left alive. (It might be argued that the guns become a precious commodity since there is no way to manufacture more of them — but, at least, the so-called “militias” should have access to them. I’m thinking of one particular swordfight scene that should have been ended by one well-placed bullet.)

    Okay, so, other than that flawed premise, it is an interesting show. I look forward to watching it right up to the day NBC decides it is too expensive and takes it off the air. 🙂

  21. tolentino says:

    it’s not loading?