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Here Are Some ORPHAN BLACK Season 2 Stats in Handy Infographic Form for You

Here Are Some ORPHAN BLACK Season 2 Stats in Handy Infographic Form for You

Listen: we’re all really sad and annoyed and depressed and upset and anxious now that Orphan Black‘s second season has bowed. (And without an instant-renewal from the network?! BBC America what game are you playing at?!) It’s hard to let go of all the memories: of Rachel getting her eye poked out and generally being the worst, or Helena finding a boyfriend, or Alison falling off stage or freaking out in rehab, or Cosima and Delphine doing something cutesy and making Tumblr’s GIF-loving hearts explode with obsessive glee, or Sarah getting to pretend she was another clone entirely. There are so many things to love and remember.

Thankfully, the Canadian home of our sestras, Space, has come up with a wee infographic of the entire past season’s doings. And it’s a nice little round-up of all the nuttery we experienced in our ever-expanding Clone Club.

(Click the image twice to enlarge to full size.)

They also included some fun facts in the post itself. For instance: did you know that bare derrieres appeared on screen no less than 4 times? Could you name every food item Helena had or ate? We’ve included that particular list, in full, below because it is Very Important Information:

Lollipops, sugar packs, a grape, a chicken drumstick, a hardboiled egg, a block of ramen noodles, a powdered donut, a dollop of mustard, something goopy in a can, pork rinds, a Caesar, a white Russian, shots of vodka, a martini, several girlie cocktails, more grapes, dry Cheerios, yogurt, singles cheeses, a banana.

What other stats would you want to see on an Orphan Black infographic? Let’s hear ’em in the comments.


  1. No Helena in the main graphic above? :(

    • H says:

      They were teasing if she was dead or alive for Season 2 with the picture that Kira is drawing.