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Here, A Brief “Prometheus” Featurette To Fan the Flames Even More

In case you didn’t get enough Ridley Scott from yesterday’s edition of Hero Complex: The Show on the Nerdist Channel, here’s the latest featurette from Prometheus, mostly cast members talking about how great Ridley Scott is. Interspersed with the praise are more shots from the movie and behind-the-scenes footage. It’s short, but if you’re crazed with anticipation, this will feed that a little more. Like you needed any more encouragement.

HT: IndieWire


  1. simon says:

    yeah it’s pretty funny they’re still talking about ‘building awareness’ of the movie – i’m pretty fucking aware of it!

    it looks pretty decent i just hope Ridley doesn’t do a Lucas and forget why we liked the originals in the first place..