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Her Universe’s Dazzling Array of New STAR WARS Merchandise

Her Universe’s Dazzling Array of New STAR WARS Merchandise

Padmé Amidala may have an extensive wardrobe, but her closet wasn’t as stylish as it could have been because it wasn’t stocked with new Star Wars apparel and accessories from Her Universe. Ashley Eckstein’s company focuses on making fashions for female fans, and they’ve been making a splash in the world of geek chic merchandise. To that end, Her Universe just launched a high-end accessories line starring R2-D2 and several new and creative products. They were revealed at Disney’s Star Wars Weekends, but the plethora of fresh offerings are now listed on the Her Universe website.

As a fangirl, I barely have the words to express how exciting it is that we have so many options. If I wanted a cool Star Wars t-shirt four or five years ago, I had to shop in the boys department at the local big box store and see if I could make something fit. Not anymore. Her Universe has such a wide variety of items in the latest release that it’s hard to choose what to buy.

Want a cute dress? You could get a Han Solo costume dress or one that features a vintage sheet pattern. If you’re not into dresses, go for some simple but striking shirts that feature the Rebel and Imperial logos in sequins. Want glittery jewelry? Try a ring or necklace from the R2-D2 line designed by The Sparkle Factory. I’m floored by the options. See:

Ready to shop until your clicking finger is tired? Head over to Her Universe and scoop up the new styles. Jump to the comments and let us know which items are on your wishlist.


  1. Tori Queeno says:

    My main problem with Her Universe is that I could make most of their clothing myself for less than half the price and it would be ten times the quality they offer. :/